Charm City Financial Guide

How to control your finance and recover from Debt

In the fast paced materialistic world today, it is a constant struggle to keep our spending in check and manage our finances effectively. The results of over-spending may be small in the beginning but a stage might come when they get out of hand and become so enormous that we are unable to deal with them on our own and it becomes necessary to take the help of debt experts who will help you with taking control of your finances and deal with this problem once and for all. If you are also struggling with Debt and want to have the right solutions to manage your money and get rid of the debt do check out Debt Advisory Scotlands Scottish Trust Deed Guide.

What do we do?

  • We provide you with help to write off your unaffordable debt.
  • We ensure that most of your essential things like home and car are safe from the creditors.
  • We will set up a trust deed for you without charging any fees for it.

How we do it?

While looking to solve your problem we will design a Debt Management Plan according to what can be realistically achieved. With a careful study of your income and expenditure we will tailor a plan to help you recover from the debt. The money left over from the income after the necessary expenditures will form a corpus and be used to pay the creditors in equal amount by the Debt management company.

  • If you are thinking of setting up a trust deed you will have to contact a money advisor who in consultation with you will study and conclude whether your debts are secured debts (ie loans, mortgage) or unsecured debts (credit card payment, store cards or other such debts). Then by assessing the situation he will advise you whether a trust deed will be the ideal solution or you should opt for some other means to settle your debts.
  • If you decide that this is the best option then a trust deed is drawn up. The trust deed is a legally binding agreement wherein your advisor will declare that you are insolvent and how you propose to pay your creditors. Go through it carefully before you sign it. You can fix a time and visit our office or call the advisor to your home in case you have some queries regarding the document.
  • The trust deed will be given to your creditors to let them know the scheme for payment suggested by you. The creditors might choose not to agree with this. But If 65% creditors agree with it then your trust deed is now protected and can take no legal action against you for any debts included in it.
  • Now you will start contributing towards your trust deed and your advisor will help you to realize any possible equity from your property.
  • Once the agreed time elapses you will be free from your debt.

Things to know about logbook loans

One of the prime things about logbook loans is that they have a high interest rate which might add up over time. This is why it is not usually advised to take a V5 loan if you already are under the pressure of an existing loan. However the good news is, with logbook calculator, you can find lenders who will charge you very reasonable interest rates. It is the best option for those who are taking a calculated risk and know that they will be able to pay back the money within the short run. That being said, it is very much likely that you are in dire need of cash and you require it urgently; and in that scenario, no one will give you a faster loan than a logbook lender.

Chalk out your possibilities and take a calculated risk. Once you choose one of the best value loans, covering the interest rate within the next three months shouldn’t be too problematic once you already have returned the borrowed money. This is the kind of scenario when you borrow money with an old vehicle of yours as a security and get the best out of the short run monetary losses.

One of the things you have to keep in mind however is that, your vehicle should not be more than 10 years old. In that case the company will not accept your car as it will be difficult for us to get back the money, if you do not repay us back. Being one of the fastest and the safest forms of loan sanctioned, this is the least the lenders have to do for their security. Apart from this, they also accept any vehicle and grant you instant loans – faster than the fastest financial institutions.

If all other lenders have closed their doors for you, we are here to help you out. You can get loans within one day at the most. There are no intensive queries, no long hours of interviews or forms to be filled – we understand that you are in dire need of borrowing money, so we assist you in that without letting you have to go through long hours of talk.

A logbook loan is basically a no obligation quote. The lenders are already aware that you have a poor history of credit. There is no pressure from our side, as lenders, to repay back the loan whatsoever. Howsoever if you do, then we assure you that you gain back the possession of your vehicle in the best format.